Whrilwind Inside of my Head

oi, eu sou o Bruno :D

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MEGA EVOLUTION! Charizard X! Is now a print, Sticker, case, Pillow, tote bag and a Duvet cover!Im so happy with this, its been quite awhile since ive tried to do a “dynamic” piece. I really do like Charizard X, its so cool, always sprouting powerful flames that not even its body can contain completely!
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Luca and Zard by LazyAmphy
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ahhh sorry this is so very late I was very busy (⌒_⌒;)
Archie and Mega sharpedo! No more rough skin means shark nose boops and lots of pokepuffs, right? Be careful of those spikes though!
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Full Illustration that CatCouch won in my Raffle.
Whatever chose to attack this Delphox made a bad decision.That fox is ready to fight back! ;)
Full size can be viewed [HERE]
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PokeDoodles, just for fun. (I should be working..)
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Moonlight Dance