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Day 34 - Favorite Region

Johto \o/ the Sprout Tower, the Ilex Forest with that stupid Farfetch´d and the Celebi´s shrine, Goldenrod, Whitney and that damn Miltank bitch, National Park, the Bug Contest, Ecruteak, the Burned and Tin towers, Olivine, the Lighthouse, the Whril Islands, the Lake of Rage with the red Gyarados, the fight against Team Rocket with Lance, Lugia, Ho-oh, the three legendary beasts, the apricorn pokéballs, the Mt. Silver, the epic Red´s fight…

oh yeah, Kanto is epic and all, but Johto it´s so full of memorable places, caracters, events, pokémon…it´s the perfect complement of Kanto, Gold/Silver/Crystal versions still magical, and HeartGold/SoulSilver revived all this *_*

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